Friday, January 29, 2010

3rd Show: Krome NG's/Haiti

Hey all, thanks to all that tuned in and hit us up while we were on-air! The Krome family keeps growing; that's really awesome!  This week we announced that our Interview for NEXT week will be JOHNNY PHLO!! Fantastic right? There will be a post coming up soon about that.
In the studio we had a call from Cyn City of Asian Pop Addict. She told us about the Haiti 6 hour long telethon their gonna have this Saturday!! Be SURE to check that out, it took a lot of hard work and it's for a great cause.   We also had a phone call from Nee_Nr, from twitter, who told us about her experience with meeting (Bi) Rain!!

In addition to everything else that happened, are good friend Steph came back on the show for her DeeJay training (gotta learn from the best right? *brushes shoulder*)! So be on the look out for SLY Radio coming soon!

Now, without further ado, the songs you all enjoyed:

Intro by U-Kiss
A look Around by Sakanaction
Don't Say by Claire Kuo
Only You(Acoustic) by 2PM
Break Out by TVXQ!
I'm a Loner by CN Blue
3190000 B.C. by Candy Lo
When I fall by After School
Scream by BoA
Can't Let you Go even if I die by 2am
Touch Your Heart by Fahrenheit
Why by Clazziquai Project
Gloria by Yui
Oh! by SNSD
Two Without one by Charlene Choi
Jiggy by F.Cuz
Endless Rain by XJapan
Lock the Time by S.H.E
Too Late by Johnny Phlo

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