Monday, December 21, 2009

Rome's Rant: Skip Beat!

OK, so it happened again. My latest OBSESSION is:
Skip Beat

Guys... this show is amazing.

Skip Beat is about a girl (Kyoko) who, when about 3 or 4, was left in the care of this well to do family who had a son (Sho) she fell hard for. When older, Sho leaves for Tokyo to pursue his acting career, and asks Kyoko to leave with him. Of course, she says yes.

In Tokyo, they live in a luxury apartment which SHE has to pay for, she works two jobs, pays ALL the bills, cooks his meal, etc... He, in turn, treats her like sh.t. But she sees it as him being tired from work, and his frustrations over trying to beat Japan's heart-throb, Ren Tsuruga, getting the better of him. 


One day she delivers food to his work and over hears his true feelings for her. He calls her plain, boring, and states that he is just using her to take care of him. She swears revenge on him, and to which he states that unless she enters the showbiz world, she would never get close enough to even touch him (hurt him). So, she does what any vengeful person would do, and decides to enter showbiz.

OK, that's all in the first episode. But it gets so so much better. Listen to Rome. Check it out. I haven't watched an anime or read a manga in a while, let alone one I've enjoyed as much as I have this one, so... it comes HIGHLY recommended.

Taiwan has plans of making this drama with the beloved Ariel Lin, who, after much thought, I believe can pull the role of Kyoko off.  There are also talks of Jerry Yan playing Ren.  The anime gets really intense. It's about acting and how to properly execute an action as well as convey a character.   As an anime, it's easy to get caught up, and believe that the character really did become another person.

It's gotta be incredibly hard for a real actress to do that. But, I believe that if anyone was to do it, Ariel can. She's my favorite taiwanese actress (little known fact) and she does great work. As for Jerry.... well... he can pull off the "mean" part of Ren... and the aloofness. Those are the characters Jerry always plays. I am a bit afraid that Ren will turn into a Dao Ming Si or a Dong Fang Xian, two roles Jerry Yan has portrayed in the past.  Because of him past roles, sure, I can see how Jerry playing Ren... but it wouldn't be the Ren from the manga or the anime.

Either way,  I'm anxious to see how this drama would turn out.

P.S. - Japan has a freaking video game of this show! You KNOW it's good when there's a video game. So, if you're bored... looking for something to get into, or check out. Check this out for sure.

Watch the anime here:


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Buddhu said...

I have to say...this story sounds really interesting...I may want to watch this...

Would you happen to be able to help me in this endeavor??

I also really would like to see it in drama version...I don't know many Chinese actresses, but I absolutely love Ariel Lin...ever since that MV ^^