Sunday, January 31, 2010

Johnny Phlo Next Week!

What's up Krome fam!!  By now, unless you had no net access for a while, you've heard that THIS week, we interview THE Johnny Phlo! JOHNNY freaking PHLO!  This is one show and interview you do NOT want to miss.

Johnny is... amazing, and what he has to say, how he says it and his personal swagger are all gonna be on-air for you to enjoy LIVE.  So, if you're a long time Phlo phan fan, or you've JUST been turned on to him with the release of his new album, then hit us up with questions!  If you want Johnny to hear YOUR voice asking the question call our SayNOW and record a message for him, as well as a question. Keep it clean or it wont be played (we'll send it to him though, we got you)! That number is 630-626-4096.  If you have questions or trouble with, let us know.  For those SHY fans, you can simply leave a question here, or send it to us at!

To see what Johnny's been up to lately, or to catch yourself up, here are some places you can do that:


Anonymous said...


is he ever coming to california?? how tall is he? is he single?? where can I download rollercoaster?! *_* too many questions...

Anonymous said...

omgz i am johnnyphlo's fangirl! i want his album! where can i buy it!? when is his next concert!? is he ever gonna come to england!? I LOVE HIMMMMM!!!!!! does he have a girlfriend!? she is soooooo luckyz

Anonymous said...

ZOMG. I'm his biggest fan! Like literally! I'm 283 lbs but that's more to love! more cushion for the pushin!


Anonymous said...

when can we see you in the west coast~!

krome raido can you help us organize something like a fund raiser to fly him out?!?

ahhh music video for just a friend? was so qquuttee!

more more more.

<3 U

Rache said...

Long time listener and WOW ladies!! You got Johnny Phlo? WOWOWOW!

LOVED your other interviews, so I cant WAIT for this one. Def cleaning my calendar for this.

Teehee, too shy for Saynow thingy though


Anonymous said...

Wahhh Johnny obba~!! I'm too shy to call!!!

Anonymous said...

is it too late to ask question?

i just wanted to know what future plans you have?

you always seem to have the same hair style, if you had the chance to change it up; what hair style would you seek?

Anonymous said...

are you single?

Anonymous said...

when will rollercoaster? be available for download?

and do you have another music video coming out?

and who might be one artist if you had to pick from to work with who would it be?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Didnt know Johnny Phlo sounded that sexy !!! Wowwww!!! That was soo awesome!! Wish it was longer!

Do you podcast the shows or something?!!!!

Johnny if you're reading this, ditch Rome and Adio... IM single
(lol, dont delete me! love you girls! 2nd tym listening & wont be the last!)