Sunday, January 24, 2010

Second Show: Haiti Relief

This week was dedicated to spreading the news about Haiti. Heres a short clip we played on air this week Wyclef on AC 360. If you haven't already donated towards Haiti, please do there are tons of charitys that are accepting clothing or money to help the people in Haiti. This week we got two callers! One from Music4ursoul and a call from Cyn City from, Asianpopaddict! If you haven't already heard, asianpopaddict who will be doing a radiothon on Saturday Jan 30th at 8pm ET till 2am ET.  Everyone should check it out, they will have APOPA in the studio to discuss what they want to do for the Haiti Relief.

Here are the songs we played this week, the one in RED is the song that is not on the mixpod.

Four Seasons by Namie Amuro
I love to Breathe by Janice
Day by Day by Big Bang
Sakubou Michikake by Eri Kitamura
It's More by Teriyaki Boyz
L.O.V.E by Brown Eyed Girls
E Zou Ju by Ariel Lin
True Romance by Drunken Tiger
Neiro by KAT-TUN
The Killa by JJ Lin
Hey! (Don't Bring Me Down) by TVXQ!
Lacrimosa by Kalafina
New Song by Danson Tang
Tell Me by Wonder Girls
Bicycle Love by Hou Xian
I will take her away by Crown J

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Adio said...

hahah if no one has caught the mistake yet...**charities** I obviously can't spell >_<