Friday, January 1, 2010

Rome's Rant: Remembering TVXQ!

I've said it before, it can be hard to 'Keep the Faith.' I'm having a hard time myself.

After a looong talk with EmpressB7, who's always helps me out in TVXQ! matters, and listening to the first few seconds of the new 'Jiggy' F.Cuz teaser (which sounded a bit like "Hi Ya Ya") - I suddenly had the urge and desire to listen to "Hi Ya Ya." After that, I listened to another song by them, and another and another.

So to fans having a hard time keeping the faith, I hope these videos help you out... Let's remember our boys together!

This is Hi Ya Ya. Check out Max's acting... so good! Yunho does his 'googley' eye thing, LOL. Haha, and 'cam whore' JJ can't seem to stop trying to seduce the camera.

Magic Castle, for Christmas. If they're beginning a capella (dont look at their style lol) doesnt blow you away? I dunno about you...

My Destiny. Hahah remember how creepy Micky is in the attic of this house? He would.

Surbiber... I mean Survivor. I never noticed how intricate the opening dance was!


Summer Dream is a fun song! Watch at the end, everyone does what Xiah does! haha, it's hilarious! I just noticed it...

Here is a performance Empress sent me, they do something similar in the end. The great horizon dance makes it appearance as well as some other comical moves.

Let's not forget the greatness that is Bolero.

And there are so many more...
Feel free to drop your own Remembering TVXQ! videos.

For my birthday, my sister, who... got engaged today..., gave me "All About TVXQ! 3" I think I might go watch it. It's still unopened, lol.

Trying really hard to 'Keep the Faith,'


Anonymous said...

Siiiighh....seeing this reminds me of happier's so hopeful!

Thanks for this :)

Krome Radio said...

yeah i agree, they were happy together and hopefully will be once again