Friday, November 20, 2009

Rome's Rant: What's Gonna Happen to the Noky Brothers?

"Always Keep the Faith."This quote is synonymous with the one and only TVXQ! Anyone in kpop, upon seeing or hearing this quote knows whom it refers to, and the phenomenon that backs it up. Unless you've been disconnected from kpop, cpop, or jpop for the past 4 months, then you know what's been going on. I'm neither going to summarize nor go into any of it. Because, quite frankly, it's depressing as well as frustrating.

In kpop, cpop and jpop a lot of the groups have certain "couplings" to them.One such coupling from TVXQ! is the 2-U couple. Yoochun (Mickey) and Yunho.

Towards the end of 2008, 2-U couple became "Noky Brothers." A mixture of 'No' from Yunho and 'Ky' from Mickey. Lately though, with the whole three vs. two thing, the coupling is up in the air.
The conflict makes me wonder what will happen to the fun "Soul Fighter" coupling of JaeJoong and Changmin, as well as the infamous, and most popular, "YunJae" couple of Yunho and JaeJoong.

 So, why dedicate a post to the Noky Brothers as opposed to the other couplings? Well the Noky Brothers, made their coupling official when TVXQ! tried to make Korea happier through the countries rough economy. They made themselves public.

Fans like myself are wondering what's going to happen to the Noky Brothers now? Honestly, I want to believe that their friendship is strong enough to be alright after this... rift, but...

In any case, I know I cannot be the only fan feeling this way.  So, I decided to post their message of happiness back from those good times. We have to somehow find a way to 'keep the faith' because, right now, things aren't looking too great.

To all TVXQ! fans who are having a hard time trying to "keep the faith" I hope this will help. You're not alone,...

Ha Ha Ha CF 1
Ha Ha Ha CF 2
Ha Ha Ha A Capella version (played on this week's show. There will also be a Krome Radio cover on Krome Radio Volume 3: The First Album)


crypticbluerose said...

slightly off topic but who dat be in the pic with who i think is hiro, lol i always seem to connect mizushima with narimiya, lmao

Krome Radio said...

Honestly... I have no idea...

I'm horrible.
He's a looker though huhn?


Anonymous said...

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