Sunday, July 19, 2009

Covers, Collborations, and Cool Chicks

Covers, Collaborations, and Cool Chicks!: The Fourth Show

Yes! Mad Alliteration skills for a mad 4th show! Eat it.

So, this week's theme was actually pretty great (and so was the show). We (Rome and Adio, the Cool Chicks of Krome Radio) played the awesome Cover 'Gee' By Natalie White (aka PumaShock). PumaShock was featured on the famed Korean Show Star King for her cover and won the hearts of many kpop fans all over. In fact she is partly the reason why I (Rome) have warmed up to covers of all kinds as well as 'Gee.' Nice. In any case, check Pumashock out at her website, blog, and twitter for maximum Pumashock-ness and more about her.

The Question of the week was about Collaborations... what kpop, jpop, cpop, pop collab would be crazy (good or just off)? Feel free to drop your answers in the comments, in fact, that'd be real nice. For the question, we played some collabs like Akon and Wilber Pan, Crown J with Lena Park and Navi, JJ Lin with FAMA, BoA with Sean Garrett, and Chunglim with BENZI. You could say Krome Radio collaborated with Pumashock to debut her cover in Radioland. To further the spirit of collabs, you might also say that Krome Radio contributing to the gorgeous website soon as some kind of a collab. SHINee and 4 Minute,...

TVXQ and Hello Kitty,... Miyavi and Melody ('s coming soon) all definitely count as a collabs of some kind as well...

Honorable Mention:,,,,

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