Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fifth Show Songs

Aaaand another show passed... along with many many mishaps. BUT the show went well right? Better than good some might say?
For all you music lovers, here is the list of music that we played and the instrumentals.
Skit (done to the names of the songs we played)
Adio - Oh, Honey
Rome- Why did I fall in love with you?
Adio - Marry Me Today
Rome - I hope
Adio - I really really like you
Sana (bursts in) - Don't Don!
Rome- Blaze Away
Adio - Abracadra
Sana - Focus... Marry *Me* Today
Adio - Sorry Sorry ... Doll
Rome - What A Wonderful World
5th Show Youtube

Why Have I Fallen in Love With You (Remix) -TVXQ!
Marry Me Today- David Tao (feat Jolin Tsai)

Moon-Lena Park
Butterfly-Park Ki Young
I Hope-FT Island

Abracadabra- Brown Eyed Girls
Chao XiHuan Ni (I Really Really Like You)-Fahrenheit
Happy Birthday-NEWS
Blaze Away-The Trax
Black and White- Jeremy Ji
Don't Don-Super Junior
Super Star-S.H.E.
Upside Down- W-inds
Triangle-TVXQ (Feat BoA and Trax)
Amigo- Shinee
Doll-Ai Otsuka
What a Wonderful World-Miyavi
Sorry Sorry (Japanese Version)- Super Junior
Lucy-Anna Tsuchiya
Come to Me-Ariel Lin
Abracadabra-Brown Eyed Girls
Oh, Honey!-Jaurim

Kiss the Baby Sky - TVXQ!
Doll - Scandal
Tenbin - Misono
I Know - BOF OST

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