Friday, July 17, 2009

The Fourth Show Songs

These are the songs we played and by golly they were good! It was an awesome show! We had a cover by Pumashock and hope to do a couple of covers a week! So be sure to tune in ( every Thursday 8pm to 10pm Central with the raddest chicks on the radio, Rome and Adio~!

4th Show YouTube

Boku Wa Kuma by Utada Hikaru
Step (feat Benzi) by Chung Lim
Rainy Day by
Ayumi Hamasaki
The Choice is yours by JJ Lin
(Feat FAMA)
Shake by Chae Yeon
Hime Murasaki by Nana Mizuki

The Secret Hidden in Your Smile by Cyndi Chaw
No Break by Lena Park (Feat Crown J)

Mirotic(Chinese) by TVXQ

Bad Women byFT Island
Flower by Gackt
Love Love Love by Epik High

Hope by FT Island (Colorful Sensibility 2)

Gee (cover) by Pumashock


Whyby Xiao Yu

Minnovation by M

JPN Pride by Miyavi

Kiss Me Now by Danson Tang

Shoujo S by Scandal
oh, ah, oh by Big Bang

Blooming by T-Max

Be With You by Wilber Pan feat Ako

Heart Damage by Navi (feat Crown J)
I did it for Love by BoA (Feat Sean Garrett)

London by Epik High
Insomnia byWheesung

Crystal Flower by Jung Jae Wook

Human Gift by LITE

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