Friday, January 28, 2011

Season 4 Kick off!

WOW it has been a long time since we updated the blog. That being said, I am ecstatic to announce that if you were tuning in last night you found out that our little ROME is back! In honor of her return (and the return of Krome for the season) a KABOOMIN playlist was made.  Hope you enjoyed the songs you heard! If anyone has requests, comment, tweet, or fb us ^_^

Wassup by Untouchable
Hymne a l’amour by Utada Hikaru
One Way by Oneway
Rashomon by Show Luo
Hot Times by SM the Ballad
Kiss of Love Songs by Tegomass
VVIP by Seung Ri
Yours Baby by Yamashita Tomohisa
Love Extreme by eVonne Hsu
Back it Up by Jewelry
I.D.S by JYJ
Separation unlike the movies by Girl2School
Not your Average Thug by Wang Leehom
Wordkill by Epik High
Season by Bibi Chou
If by French Kiss
Wo Zhi Dao by BY2
Why (Keep your head down) by DBSK

1 comment:

Music4urSoul said...

New songs and new playlist! Congrats on the return and are those kisses for us? ^-^;;