Friday, October 8, 2010

17th Show: Fall Comeback

hey everyone! It has been awhile! Tonight was our Fall Krome comeback and we had a lot of new updates for everyone. If you weren't able to tune in, you missed the chance of meeting our new DJ's Phase and Sandman These 2 will be taking over the airwaves for the semester until Rome gets back from Florida. Do not fear, I (Adio) will still be in the backgrounds and occasionally chiming in on topics that get me riled up. I hope everyone enjoyed meeting the newcomers and hopefully y'all will be able to tune in every week to get to know them.

Songs played:
I will...forget you by CN Blue
Cry for you by Jay'ed
Small Man, Big Boys by Jam Hsiao
Replay Boom track by SHINee
Superman by NESE
Without U by 2pm
Boku Wa Kuma by Utada Hikaru
Be with you by Wilber Pan Feat Akon
Sorry Sorry-Answer by Super Junior
Wedding Dress by Taeyang
Xie Xie Ai by Garden Sister
Wannabe by Epik High
My Cookie Can by Janice
Love Rock'n roll by Jaurim
Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Grils
Girlfriend by Crystal Kay Feat BoA
Tell me your wish (genie) by SNSD
Every Time by Xiao Yu
Cupido by Ivy
A Look around by Sakanaction
Rain by Angela Aki
Take care of my girlfriend by BEAST
Stand by U by TVXQ!

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Asian Pop Addict said...

Hey girls! Hope all is well. Can't wait to hear u two back on the air. Everything cool with Rome?