Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 3: One Hour Special

So this update is a bit late but LAST Thursday we had our 1 hour special! You read that right, 1 hour special! Why, you may ask? Well it was Chinese New Year so we wanted all our listeners to take that extra hour to go celebrate with family (and we had exams to study for = / ) Here was Krome's short and sweet playlist from our last weeks show:

You fetish by Ai Otsuka
Tears in the Rain by Ariel Lin
Lovin’ U by KAT-TUN
Black and White by G.NA
Beginner by AKB48
Complicated by Chou Hui   
Dear J by Itano Tomoni
Shy Boy by Secret
Afraid of You by Hit-5
Empty by JYJ
Cinderalla by Vanness Wu
High High by G-Dragon and TOP

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