Sunday, April 25, 2010

Contest 3: Caption contest

Want a chance to attend a WONDER GIRLS and 2PM concert? If you are, Krome Radio is offering YOU a chance to win a ticket! THATS RIGHT A FREE TICKET TO A WG/2PM concert at the House of Blues in Chicago ^_^

Heres how you can win:
 1. Go on Facebook
2. Find and join the Krome Radio fan page (or "like" us...because facebook decided to change again and no long have "fan" pages)
3. Go to photos and click on the "Caption Contest" album
4. Upload your best 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, and JYP photo captions in the album! If your picture has already been upload simply, re-upload the picture with your own caption.

*Up to 5 pictures per person.
*One person can only say one thing per picture.
*No derogatory terms, R rated words, etc... basically, use your better judgment.

If you are confused, check out the examples under the "Caption Contest" album.

Remember to have fun with it! ^___^

Contest ends May 13th at 11:59pm

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