Thursday, March 18, 2010

Season 2 8th Show: Back in the Day/Replay

This was our 8th show playlist which featured songs we had played in the past 7 shows.  Not all of course, just the best of the best ... aka Rome and Adio's picks. Haha

Gara Gara Go Live by Big Bang
Oh! by SNSD
Happy Day by Gary Chaw
L.O.V.E by Brown Eyed Girls
It's More by Teriyaki Boyz
One Man Band by Jeremey Ji
Only you(Acoustic) by 2PM
Break Out by TVXQ!
Juliette by SHINee
Clocks by 12 Girl Band
Sweety (English) by Clazziquai Project
A look Around by Sakanaction
Its You(Remix) by Super Junior
Bicycle Love by Hou Xian
Within Me by Johnny Phlo
Duck Walk by Thaitanium
Angelia by Hangry and Angry
Kevin is a Player by Crown J
Feel Good Music by Drunken Tiger
Lock the Time by S.H.E
When I all by After School
Dream Fighter by Perfume
Two Without One by Charlene Choi
Asita, Genki Ni Naare by Miyavi

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