Monday, March 1, 2010

Season 2: 7th show-Live

We decided to have a "LIVE" show this past week. If you missed the show last week, you missed "The best of Rome and Adio" where we sang live songs the WHOLE show ^_^ haha just kidding! For the 7th show of Season 2, we played live performances. Heres a run down of what songs we aired last week:

Fire by 2NE1
Gara Gara Go by Big Bang
Why and Magic Castle by Zhang Li Yin
Map the Soul by Epik High
Rhodesia by KAT-TUN
Oh Yeah by MBLAQ

Clocks by 12 Girl Band
Naeng Myun by Jessica of SNSD
Lips by KAT-TUN
Superstar by S.H.E
Believe by Arashi
Yue Lai Yue Ai by Fahrenheit
Ring Ding Dong by SHINee
Can you Celebrate by Namie Amuro
Itoshii Hito by Miyavi
I'm a Loner by CN Blue
Piano Performance by JJ Lin
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Cover) by Utada Hikaru
Wrong Number & Mirotic by TVXQ!