Thursday, March 18, 2010

Season 2 9th Show!: Nifty Nine!

This was our 9th show of season 2! Our Ghost DeeJay joined us and... we played music!! but apparently we talked more than played music. The play list was quite short!!!

It's Been Raining Since you Left Me by H.O.T
Maze by Hero Jaejoong
The Main Character Loves you by Janice
Beautiful Stranger(Sliced Cheese Remix) by Clazziquai Project
Love the Games by Jam Hsiao
This Love (G-Dragon Solo) by Big Bang
Lovin'U by KAT-TUN
Because I'm Stupid by SS501
Simple by Claire Kuo
Generation by Exile
Run by Epik High
The Best Listener by Fahrenheit
Melt Down by AOI
Believe by TVXQ!
Hypnotic Dance Floor by BoA
Rosemary by Jay Chou
Joyful by Koda Kumi
Love Disease by Super Junior
Perhaps Love(Remix ver Gazaebal) by J & Howl

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