Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seaons 2: 6th Show - No Adio/More NG's

 So this was the first show when one of the DJs was missing!! Adio!!! BUT the show went on with our Ghost DJ filling in.  The show went awesome! You guys helped fill Adio's void, which was great.  Adio called and that also picked the show up and at least we all got to hear her angelic voice.  If you missed it, you missed Adio and Ghost DJ's duet.  They sung "Guy Love" from Scrubs... yeah...  

Here are the songs Adio and Ghost DJ did NOT sing, but were played!:

One Night Romance by Koda Kumi
Ou Mei Gan Jue by Xiao Yu
Distance by KAT-TUN
Crazy Love by TVXQ!
Like Water by Janice Vidal
One by Epik high
Paradise Crown J
Control by BoA
Step by Me by f(x)
Mona Lisa by Claire Kuo
Abracadabra (Fraktal Voodoo Remix) by Brown Eyed Girls
Top of the World by Big Bang
Intelligence by Danson Tang
Ashita, Genki Ni Naare by Miyavi
Orgel by Davichi
Stars by F.T. Island
Feel Good Music by Drunken Tiger
Juliette by SHINee

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