Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Johnny Phlo!

Johnny Phlo hit Krome Radio's waves and we had a blast!!  He had a live feed going and was able to respond to fan questions as well as comments.  It was a pretty sweet show so kicking yourself for missing it is well deserved... well deserved.

BUT, dont worry! We recorded the entire show, so as soon as we upload it on our Facebook Fan Page (which you should def be a fan of by the way), you can find out what you missed out.

Basic Strategy is out and Johnny Phlo says half his sale profit will go to helping the people of Haiti. If you've been looking for a reason to buy his album, as opposed to downloading it, there it is.  Buy the album, Help Haiti. Simple.  You get to own a kickass album as well as help our brothers and sisters suffering in Haiti. Nice right?

If after our interview you are thirsty for more Johnny Phlo, here are some places you can find him:

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