Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4th Show: Johnny Phlo!

We interviewed Johnny Phlo for our 4th show of the year!
Not too shabby...

Hopefully, you all enjoyed it cause we certainly did.  Having Johnny riding the radio waves with us was definitely an experience.   In case you were to mezmorized with Johnny's words and were unable to pay attention to the music playing, here is the list of songs we played! Catch yourself up!

Just a Friend by Johnny Phlo
Sakurairo by Angela Aki
Happy Day by Gary Chaw
My Way by Rain
Water on the Ground by Jeremey Ji
Gee by SNSD
Deaeta Kiseki by Crystal Kay
Xiahtic by Xiah Junsu
Too Late by Johnny Phlo
Love So Sweet by Arashi
Stupid Love by Big Bang
Jue Bie Shi by Anson Hu
In Me So by Johnny Phlo
RollerCoaster by Johnny Phlo

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