Friday, September 11, 2009

12th Show Songs!

The show this week was kpop heavy due to the 2PM Jaebum issue and so to our jpop and cpop listeners we hope you discovered some nice new kpop tunes! We hoped you all enjoyed our 12th show (my (Rome's) favorite number...) as well as the songs we played. Here they are, the stars of the show~:

Only You by 2PM
Beautiful Theme Song by Coco Lee

Kiss and Music by Perfume
Generation by Exile
Stand by Me by SHINee
Princess by Jam Hsiao
Angel by 2PM
Luv D.N.A. by MC Mong Feat Navi
Rainbow by Se7en
Love Bye Love by TVXQ!
10 out of 10 by 2PM
Hyousa by Rurutia
Dear by Wilber Pan
Monster by Super Junior
Curry Hot Dog by Gary Chaw and MC Hot Dog
Extreme by Lee Min Ho
White and Black by Jeremy Ji
Wasteful Tears by Navi Feat Hyun Ah
Again and Again by 2PM
To Luv by V.O.S Feat JaeBum


Crazily Pretty by DNT
Dear Family by Koda Kumi
No Reason by GACKT

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