Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's take a step back for a moment

I know with all that has been going on in the past few hours, many people are still awake following everything. With all of the information flying around, it becomes a challenge to sort truth from rumors. I want to keep this as factual as possible, so that all the readers looking for a news source can rest assured I have checked all of this information against more than one source. First, I'll give a brief background beyond what was given in Rome's previous post, to bring everyone up to speed.

On September 4, 2009, netizens brought to the surface comments Jaebum left on his myspace page several years before, while he was wtilla trainee for JYPE. Koreans reacted strongly to these comments, as they were deemed to be of a hurtful nature to Koreans and Korea. Shortly following this incident, it was announced that Jaebum's MC position on the TV show "Nodaji" would be cancelled and a replacement would be found for him. During this time, Jaebum wrote an apology message to everyone saying how sorry he felt for those comments he made years prior.

With the public still in an uproar, it was soon announced that all of 2PM's activities would be cancelled for the time being. It was also announced that the final episode of 2PM's hit show, "Wild Bunny," would be postponed. With all of the confusion about the issue, with many fans speculating and many people petitioning for the leader to leave, JYPE issued a statement on September 7 clarifying that they did NOT plan on Jaebum leaving the group due to this matter.

On September 8, Jaebum announced, via his fancafe, that he will be leaving 2PM. He took a flight that left Korea at 6:30 PM Korean time, and his destination is Seattle.


Okay, that's basically the story. Now, there are several things we DO and many others we do NOT know about this situation, and only time can offer us the answers.

Anyone who has been following the news over the past several hours has probably heard many rumors regarding what happened at the airport and such. I would like to dispel some of those rumors and clarify, to the best of my ability, what I can.

What We Know:
- Jaebum went to the airport to take a flight back to Seattle.
- Hundreds of fans showed up to show support for him, but, more importantly, to try to get him to stay.
- The other members of 2PM were at the airport.
- Jaebum said he planned on resting with his family upon his arrival in Seattle.
- As he left, his last words were "I'm Sorry" with a bow.

What We Haven't Confirmed/Is False:
- 2PM arrived at the airport in suits.
- Wooyoung fainted at the airport and was taken/is being taken to the hospital.
- The official explanation behind Jaebum's departure, and the repercussions.
- Junho will take over the role as the leader of 2PM.


Well, that's certainly not an exhaustive list of what we do and do not know, but it covers some of the major points.

I would like to begin this section not by speculating what COULD HAVE happened (but I have several theories...) but rather by sending out my condolences to Park Jaebum. After being personally selected by JYP himself, after training for five years, after seeing it through their first year, after becoming extremely popular through his antics on variety shows, Jaebum became immensely loved by his fans. Certain comments he made in the past surfaced soon after the one year anniversary of the group, and te reactions to these comments rapidly spread out of control, and led to Jaebum's departure. In a time like this, people look for someone to blame. I would like to make it clear that Korean citizens are not to blame in this situation. By the actions of a small group of people, this has happened, but that does not mean the entire citizenry of the country is at fault. It's clear to me that Jaebum has suffered more than any human being should over a matter such as this.

Understandably, his statements were not the most tactful way to voice his feelings, but he was much younger and at a stage in his life where he did not even know if he would ever become an idol, if he would ever debut. Coming from America, he felt alienated in this new country, and was not adjusting well enough. His remark seems to be nothing more "scandalous" than a remark any student that transfers from one school to another would make. However, due to his status as an idol, his words are scrutinized much more than the hypothetical transfer student.

What shocks me about this situation is the suddenness of it all. Less than one day after JYPE states that Jaebum will not be leaving 2PM, he makes a statement saying he is indeed leaving. This is quickly confirmed by JYP with Newsen. Hours after his announcement, Jaebum is at Incheon Airport, boarding his flight back to the US.

...I'm really sorry guys, I had a lot lot more to write, but it's an odd hour, and my thoughts are jumbled enough due to this without taking into account that my mind stops working when I am tired. I will make every effort to update with the rest of my thoughts by the end of the day, at which time, I would hope I can have more information for you.


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Anonymous said...

I agree we need to take a little step back and breath, let Jay breath and i'm sure netizens are up to their same old tricks
like starting a new petition to ban Jay from the country. with over 12,555 signatures already. But they don't have the power to ban someone from the country.

I just hate how they are still treating him like he is some sort of criminal or someone who broke and extreme law.

It sickens me, the hypocrites they are. But enough of them.

Jay has grown into a man and grown as a person and it's not something you need bifocals to see.

What ever he decides to do I respect.

--lovelyladyotaku @ tunen2im.com