Thursday, September 17, 2009

12th Show: Jaebum

Our 12th show theme was dedicated to Jaebum and so we played quite a bit 2PM's songs!
We started the show a bit early with the meatus factory and wore the same shirts.

The Q.O.W. was: "Where were you when you heard about Jaebum."
Here were some of your responses ^_^

@sheanmalik was on twitter about to go to bed when his twitter exploded with posts about Jaebum
@daehyunkim was also tweeting when his twitter exploded with news about Jaebum
@music4ursoul just got off the elliptical and checked her twitter when she saw the news
@Babelpop was in a hotel in Princeton, New Jersey
@wumandu i was studying for my GRE in my dorm room...i got like no studying done :(

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