Monday, April 5, 2010

FIRST Contest: Krome Radio Logo/Avatar

-Must have "Krome Radio" written somewhere
-Must have the color chrome (its a silver color)
-Tagline or a picture or both
-Optional: Rome and Adio

You can be as creative or crazy as you want. The winner will have their logo/avatar posted on the blog. Must be turned in by Wednesday April 7 2010 11:59pm USA CST . The winner can choose from a list of prizes which are:

-Say Now message from Rome and Adio
-Video message from Rome and Adio
-$10 gift certificate to YesAsia
-phone charms

1 comment:

Fetesha N. Downs said...

lmao. Too bad I'm just online to see this now. Would have been fun to do. Hope you received some kick butt results!