Sunday, April 4, 2010

2.11 April Fools!

Krome had its first April Fools and boy did we have a riot!  Thanks to all the tuned in and thanks to all that were there in spirit!  
Here are the songs that we jammed to (and almost cried to) during the show. Enjoy~!

Love Love Love by Epik High
Why did I fall in Love with you by TVXQ!
Loving you is comparable to what I imagine by Janice Vidal
Tomorrow by 4Tomorrow
Thee by Seo Taiji
Teaser feat Koda Kumi
Butterfly Lovers by Charlene Choi
I love you by S.H.E
Shoujo S by SCANDAL
Xin Li You Shu by Fahrenheit
My Style by Brown Eyed Girls
Always be Mine by F.T. Island
Sweet Garden by Ariel Lin
Let It Go by KARA
Proud by TVXQ!
Sunny by Super Junior H
Qing Shuo by Yoga Lin
Rock It by W-inds
Jellyfish, Shooting Star by Ai Otuska
The More Slowly, The More Beautifully by Jolin Tsai

Step Playdog Remix by Chung Lim
Wuss Up by SS501
Be Your Superman by Chun Biao Yan

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