Friday, January 15, 2010

Season 2: Krome's Komeback

Hey all! We hope you guys had as much fun as we had last night! being back in the studio felt so good. Last night wasn't only our first show of 2010, but we got our first caller of the year (GiftedThought) and we played a song (It's You REMIX) back to back for the first time in KR history! That definitely set the year off to a great start!

We also launched our official Fan Page on Facebook. So if you have a Facebook - Fan us!

Last year was Krome's birth year, it was undeniably amazing. But this year will rock even harder, that's a promise. So stay tuned and keep listening every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm (USA CENTRAL) on!

Without further ado KR presents you, last night's play list:

Dash girl by Yoon Eun Hye
Black Out by Maslo
One Man Band by Jeremey Ji
Dream Fighter by Perfume
Angelia by Hangry and Angry
Sorry Sorry-Answer by Super Junior
Rainbow by Jay Chou
Chocolate Love by f(x)
Go On by Jerry Yan
Natsu Matsuri by Whiteberry
Its You (remix) by Super Junior
Can't Get back by W-inds
Just a Friend by Johnny Phlo
The happiness that will Grow Up by Tank
You said you Love by 8eight
Mona Lisa by Claire Kuo
Love like this by SS501
Mirotic acoustic by TVXQ!

The meaning of Us by Namie Amuro
Tripod Baby by M-Flow Feat Lisa
Duck Walk by Thaitanium


Krome Radio said...

谢谢你! 我和我的朋友希望你喜欢我们的音乐


SHACH said...

Nice line up here! Wish I was able to hear it! (Oh, but I can!) On youtube... : ) lol great job guys!