Monday, December 14, 2009

Year End Look at Girl Groups: 1

A whole bunch of girl groups came out this year, no can deny it was the year of females in Kpop. We had former girl groups make comeback, we have active girl groups make comebacks and we have new girl groups debut!

Korean girl groups are
trying to make a name for themselves. Not only do they have to beat out the boy groups, they have to stand out in all the girl groups and once they’ve accomplished both these tasks, they have to beat out the veteran groups with vastly more fans. Few make it and most get lost amongst the crowds, because, at times, it takes more than talent to make it.

So, who do you think will come out on top next year? Who's comeback will blow us away "Genie" or "Abracadbra" style?

The girl groups that stuck out to me where f(x), 2NE1, and... that's about it. Kara and T-ara stuck out, but because they DIDNT stick out. 4minute was good too, but... I couldn't identify them or their sound in a see of Kara and T-ara, unfortunately. While we have played each of these groups songs on the radio, it was hard to single a group out and say, "aha! that's [group name]!" no matter how jamming the song was. For me, 2NE1 began to sound the same... their songs all had the same-ish tune to them.
My predictions are that one or two of the other girl groups will make a great comeback next year. And people will be FORCED to watch them, they wont be able to look away kinda Like B.E.G's comeback.
I'm hoping the 2NE1 has the "Genie" effect. What I mean by that is, they will comeback better... Not to say they are bad now, I'm just disappointed. I feel like there was a bait and switch deal with them. I hope for them to comeback with something that will command my attention and keep it. Not just a different hairstyle.

Here's looking to next year!

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