Monday, December 14, 2009

Sulli Raps!

Say Whaaat?

Our cute Sulli,...

cutie of f(x)... raps! How cute! So here is the video where she raps. Later in the video Amber says "She completes me." As we all know, Amber is the rapper of f(x). And it's so cute how they all egg Sulli to rap.

Now, most people know, I am not a fan of "cute" at all. 'Gee' was not my thing. As much as I LOVE and ADORE TVXQ!, when I first saw "Balloons" I... well, that's in the past. Sulli is the only "cute" I have EVER warmed up to. So, this was awesome

Credit: JK | Heenism/fx3ffect @, randomRinnie @ youtube
posted on youtube by: aidanelle


Anonymous said...

Sulliah!! <3

C-Bisquit said...

At least she sounds better than Amber xP

Krome Radio said...

hahaha, ouch!


Anonymous said...

JUST Sulli?? What about Taemin?? T_T