Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Update on F.Cuz Videos

With all the publicity these four are getting, it's difficult to think their debut is just less than a month away!

Here we get to see just a bit of maknae YeJun acting silly for the camera. There is a dance in this video...F'Cuz's dance for their debut single, perhaps? We also get to see a large smattering of their clothes. (And who else is excited for Kan's solo pictures? Based on the photos of him in that jacket...I can't wait)

Here is more from the set, and an interview with photographer Kim Yong Jun.

With all these teasers being released, it makes me more excited for the real thing! The boys already look like they have their dance moves in sync, which is always a good thing. And, we already saw the members showcase their vocals and abilities for us.

Well, what kind of impression is F.Cuz making on you guys? Do you think they're just hype and won't deliver? Do you think they'll revolutionize the current Kpop scene? What do you think?

In addition, father of LeeU, famous trot singer Sul Woon Do, as well as Lee Su Geun. Here are the pictures:

From left to right: Jinon, LeeU, Sul Woon Do, Kan, YeJun.

From left to right: Kan, LeeU, Lee Su Geun, YeJun, Jinon


Peena said...

ahhh!! Im such a fan!! I love how you gys have everything on them!! Ive been checking and I always come here to see what's new with them!! WOW you guys are really awesome.... I wanna listen to your show but I looked around and you are on break? F.cuz is soo cool!! KAN!!! LEE-U!!!!

Krome Radio said...

Aaw, yeah, we're on break for now, but look forward to us returning!

Yeah, it's really tough to find news on them because they're really new still, so we try to gather all the info about them in a convenient location...I'm glad you find it helpful! ^^

Haha, Kan and LeeU might be my favorites too!