Sunday, December 20, 2009

24th Show & 25th Show

Yooo~!! Hi guys... this is SO long over due but better late than ever right? We're on break and so we combined the songs playing right now. The list has the 24th and the 25th songs, so that's double the songs! Holla? I think so!

If you would like us to add any songs to the play list that we didnt add, anything at all (K/C/Jpop of course), let us know and we'll add it! ^_^


24rd Show Play List: Concepts

Wedding Dress by Taeyang
Ordinary by NEWS
Too Late by Johnny Phlo Feat James Ha
Qing Shuo by Yoga Lin
Love Came Before by S.H.E
Fly by Epik High
Baby Don't Cry by Namie Amuro
Strong Baby by Seung Ri
Chu by f(x)
Believe by Arashi
Bandage Club by Tank
My Kingdom by Vanness Wu
Am I that Easy by U-Kiss
Love Vertigo by The Gospellers
You by Brown Eyed Girls
Lips by KAT-TUN
Shadow Dancer by Jolin Tsai
Perfection by JJ Lin
Last Love Letter by Chatmonchy
I love you I hate you by Vic Chou
Please Don't Go by CL and Minzy

Lovin U by KAT-TUN
Ah by After School

25th Show Play List: Farewell 2009

Secret by Miyake Hiromi
Wedding Dress by Taeyang
Lovin U by KAT-TUN
Celebrate by Utada Hikaru
Did Ya by BoA
(Genie)Tell me your wish by SNSD
Flavor of Life by Utada Hikaru
My Cookie Can by Janice Vidal
Hyousa by Rurutia
Let's go Party by 2NE1
Crazily Pretty by DNT
Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls
Superman by NESE
Love by W-inds
Everything by Arashi
Magic Castle by TVXQ!
Boku Wa Kuma by Utada Hikaru
I hope by FT Island
Why have I fallen in Love with you (a capella version) by TVXQ!
Amigo by SHINee
High Fashion by JJ Lin

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