Friday, December 11, 2009

Sorry, Sorry - Answer MV Released!

During Super Show II, a lot of Super Junior fans got to hear a special "R&B version" of their instant-hit song, "Sorry, Sorry." After composer Yoo Young Jin released his version, the boys finally have released their version with their official Super Show 2 DVD!

The boys also released a music video which closely resembles the mature, monochromatic, and sleek feel that was the concept of their Sorry, Sorry promotions. The song here is a little different from the one composer Yoo Young Jin sang.

Anyway, here's the MV for everyone to enjoy!

Also, here is the link to purchase the Super Show 2 Asia Tour DVD. Please support your favorite artists!
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Lastly, what do you guys think of it? Is it as good as the original? Better? Fans might notice that Kim Kibum cannot be spotted in this video, and that Kangin is not shown much in the video either.

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Krome Radio said...

I'm sooo loving this song!