Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rome's Presentation

Hi Guys!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for all of you who are helping me.

Here's the thing:
I'm presenting on Kpop on Thursday (tell you all how it goes on Krome) and as much of a fan I am of all that is kpop and everyone that is kpop... I only have 8 minutes!! I can talk about groups/ppl in kpop I dont like in 8 minutes, what more ppl Im actually into?

This is where you come in. I decided to make my presentation on Concepts. I figure to people that dont know about kpop (my classmates) would be drawn to the whole 'concept' thing. So, this helps me narrow down the playing field. Basically most solo artists wouldnt make the cut, nor would ballad singers (sucky). If it was up to me, believe me, I would present ALL of kpop but I can't. It SUCKS to cut groups that I enjoy just because they dont fit in. I also dont want to overload my classmates with TOO many groups you know?

In addition to my Concept angle, in an attempt to get away with adding more groups, I decided to add a part about names. Kpop has some strangely named groups. But with these, I will barely spend about a minute or so on ALL of them (unless they've had some concepts to them).

So far I have: TVXQ!, SNSD, f(x), Big Bang, Se7en, BoA, Epik High, 2pm, Clazziquai P., Drunken T, BEG, WG, Rain, SS501, SJ, MBLAQ, 2NE1, B2ST,SHINee, FiNKl, SHINWHA, FT Island, 2am, ...
Thanks to all the folks helping out on Twitter. This list alone though is too big. So, lend me your suggestions and maybe a reason (not necessary) and that might help me sort things out.

- Concept
- Odd Name
- Who has currently made an Impact (2008 til now)

Thanks to: sheanmalik, EJAAYxD, cilla44, icecapades, music4ursoul, psychastic, rainlover312 & cbisquitaz & misunnie for helping me so far. But I still need a lot more help cutting the big list to maybe 10 names...


The comment box is good for suggestion over 140 characters lol, twitter is so restricting.

Thank you sooo much guys! <3>


psychtastic said...

The group with the most impact since they debuted last year would have to be 2PM (and I'm not just saying that out of bias). They took the whole manly image to a new level. It wasn't only singing they were good at but dancing too, and their stage performance was beyond comparison.

Worst concept ever? SHINee's Juliette. I mean, really, WTF. They killed the fashion scene. In a bad way. (It sort of reminded me of U-KISS's former concept)

And the winners for most odd group name are~

MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality)
B2ST (Boys 2 Search the Top)
U-KISS (Ubiquitous Korean International (idol) Super Star

Good luck chica! :)

Krome Radio said...

LOL, did NOT know U-Kiss had that as their meaning... nore MBLAQ... nor B2ST for that matter... what does f(x) mean?

But thanks!! That helps alot!

If you think of anything else, holla back OK!


C-Bisquit said...

I've only been a kpop fan since summer, but I'll give it a shot!

Got to go:
I think you could cross of f(x) because I don't think they've shown their full potential yet. The only notable thing is having a somewhat androgynous member (not that exciting, imo). 2AM's ballads may be boring for the class, MBLAQ AND B2ST/BEAST are too new to have made a great impact. Keep them for their odd names(?)or to mention that Rain produced MBLAQ. I sadly don't know enough about FT Island, Se7en, SS501 :(

SNSD- cute
Big Bang - Hip Hop/pop mix
BEG - R&B/pop, sexy mature women
WG - Retro, Tell Me (80s), Nobody (60s)
Clazziquai - Jazz/House/electro pop
Epik High - Hip Hop, but now with some electronic stuff

You could also talk about WG and BoA moving into US market, although BoA kinda fled back to Japan xP

Music said...

Epik High is one of the strongest groups out there. Breaking away from huge media labels to forge their own path is incredible. They're not under pressure from everyone and they dont have to really answer to anyone but themselves.

People have told them that they wouldnt be able to make it but they did. They're popular then ever and more importantly get a lot of love overseas too. It's definitely not a gender-biased group, guys think they're incredible talented too.

Singers like T(Yoon Mi Rae) and Insooni broke barriers but being half korean and still dominating on the charts.

Also singer Kim Bum Soo famous for his "Bogoshipda" song was one of the first Koreans to make it big in America

I hope this helps you with your project :D

Krome Radio said...

Epik High is def on there! Thanks Music!!

The other solos will be hard to do because I dont know much about them, unfortunately.

C-Bis --- for a newbie you have a lot of incite! I wasnt going to put Clazziquai P at all, but you've kinda convinced me to look closer at them... hmm... interesting. Thanks for that dude!

Keep 'em coming!


Babelhead said...

I agree with C-Bisquit. Only 8 minutes then leave out BEAST, MBlaq, 2AM, 2NE1, f(x) they are all too new. Mention in odd names as suggested by C-Bisquit. Also leave out FT Island and SS501 although i love them. Maybe SHINee too.

Start off w a little old skool like FinKl and Shinwha.
Then to the major groups:

SJ and SNSD (mega member groups)

TVXQ and BigBang (really popular all over Asia - esp Japan - helping build bridge bt two countries)

Se7en, BoA, Rain very successful solo artists giving the US market a go.

Epik High & Drunken T (non pretty boy dancing idol group)

2PM just cuz.

If you have time, you can then go into the plethora of boy and girl groups who debuted just this year. It's crazy.

Good luck!

cilla44 said...

hey this is cilla44 :3 I'm done with my paper! :D So I'll try to help you as much as I can with whatever I have left of my brain

TVXQ- Tri-Angle concept is a total no no. You could maybe add their different names from different countries. Tohoshinki, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Tong Vfang Xin Qi, and Cassiopeia...? ah and the Balloons concept(s).

Wonder Girls- Their 70's look used in Korea mostly, and their shiny dresses used in America.

G-Dragon- You could have a field day with his concepts! lol

f(x)- Amber's tomboy look! :3 and their Chu~ concept seemed to me like they were aiming to look like high fashion models...crazy looks...great skin

4Minute & 2NE1- Their neon crazy thing that was a trend in America last year. Isn't there a girl in 4Minute that wears sunglasses all the time? And Park Bom's Swimsuit, tights, leather jacket concept thinger...Dara's hair.

Super Junior & SNSD- Them matching like ALL THE TIME haha

SHINee- Their rainbow skinny jean phase.

...that was harder then I thought t_t

Maybe you could do some research on how Korean artists prefer to dress in Korea and how it's different then how they dress in America.

hmm...it'd be funny if you could show all of Micky Yoochun's 495693485 hairstyles X]

I think MMMBLACK I mean MBLAQ is the winner of the crazy boy group names
B2AST and 2NE1 are pretty clever...there's more but I can't think of them at the moment >.<

Wonder Girls DEFINITELY made an impact. Tell me and Nobody, the Jonas Brothers, Wendy Williams, Billboard Chart oh yeah :]

TVXQ Definitely made an impact too. Especially now with their hiatus...and the crajee fangirls~

uhm...I'm about to crash so I hope that I really helped!

Good Luck~!