Sunday, November 1, 2009

19th Show Songs!

If you enjoyed the music from our 19th Show, check out the songs we played compiled nicely and neatly for you in the list below! ^_^

Also, we announced we'd be having an interview next week (Nov 5th)! To find out more about who we will be interviewing (ANDY SUZUKI!), check out the post above! Also, TUNE IN!!

What Time Is It Now - 2PM
Smile Maker - NEWS
Hurry Hurry - FT Island
On My Mind - KAT-TUN
Baby Baby - JJ Lin
Wealthy 2nd Generation - AJOO
Love Gravitation - Jolin Tsai
Sha Sha De Yong Qi - VENK
Part of Me - Ayumi Hamasaki
Owls. Shadows. Tears. - Epik High
Xin Wo - S.H.E.
Tegami (cover) - Angela Aki covered by Andy Suzuki
Wanna - Kara
Reirei Tenohira (Ballad Ver.) - RURUTIA
Crazy Love - TVXQ!
Stomp - Lee Min Woo
Sunny - Super Junior H
Music - Epik High ft. Kwill
Forever - Jun Jin ft. Linda
Irreplaceable - S.H.E

Wasurenaide - TVXQ!
Tou Tou Ai (To Love Secretly) - Yan Zou Qu
Thanks to Love - Garden Sisters

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