Thursday, October 22, 2009

18th Show!

Krome Radio is now an adult (as stated by @lovelyladyotaku)!! Our 18th show was great and it's all thanks to music and you guys for keeping us going this far! WOW!! 18, is great...!!

These were the songs that we played on our 18th show!
not on the play list.

Celebrate- Utada Hikaru
Moonwalker - Epik High
Closer to the Unlimited Blue - Ariel Lin
Foolish Love - Big Bang
You Are... - w-inds.
Small Dimple - JJ Lin
Bump Bump - Boa (Ft. Verbal)
ID (MayDoni) - May Doni
After- Zhang Li Yin (I highly highly recommend this song. Her vocals are amazing. Find it and listen to it.)
No Reason - Gackt
Congratulations (Feat. seojodan) - Drunken Tiger
Bit By Bit - Jeremey Ji
Bye Bye - Taegoon
It's you (Cover) - Natalie White
Twilight's Chapter Seven - Jay Chou
WILD - Namie Amuro
Really Really Like You - FLH
Yearning of the Heart - A'ST1
Never Let You Go - Vanness Wu
Colors - Jaejoong and Yoochun

For Tomorrow - Super Junior T
7 Days Battle - Kattun
Rokkugo! - Super Junioor T

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Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome playlist! Totally gonna find some new songs now ^^;;