Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rome's Rant: The Jaebum Thing

When I first heard about this, I thought, "damn, how's he gonna get out of this."

This is how I view this issue: It's like finding out your lover of 2 years cheated on you during the first or second month of being together.  Even though they did it a long time ago, it still stings like hell. What do you do? It happened a long time ago, and you know for sure now that he/she deeply cares for and about you, but the fact remains that he/she cheated on you...

Many blog entries I've read are feeling for Jaebum. I'm actually feeling more for his fans and his group. Even though he is being hit by the public, how did his members and the people around him feel when they first found out about the comments he made? I'm sure those are the people who are hurt most, because they know him personally; and, it just sucks to find something like that out about a close friend, regardless of how long ago the hurtful action happened.

The second thing I thought of was Nickkhun, and other ppl who've gone through a similar adjusting process. But, something to consider with Nickkhun is that he doesn't have the "Korean" aspect to him like Jaebum does. And so, I think part of the hurt of the public is over them feeling a Korean is rejecting Korea. Regardless of whether he is Korean-American.

I'm not offering any solutions to this. Because, quite frankly, it sucks (for lack of a better word). I'm not Korean; however, when I read those myspace comments, I was actually taken aback a little.  Part of the Korean public might be over-reacting - what with writing up a petition to send him back to America (lol), but I feel for them. I really do. They feel betrayed. But something as extreme as the petition kinda translates over to the lover scenario. Some people would want their significant other to pack up and live elsewhere. It's a knee jerk reaction of sorts. But once the situation has been given some time and thought... there comes a resolution.

In the public's defense, it's one of those issues where an apology helps but doesn't come close to fixing anything.  In this case, people can only let time do its thing.
I'm undecided. I dont know what stance to take to be honest but I know I'm not, at all, for the petition to bring him back to the states, it's laughable. Again, I think with time the part of the Korean public in favor of the petition will think it over and be willing to forgive Jaebum.

When all is said and done he did write that as a kid. I have a younger brother and lord knows he has said and done things that have been very hurtful, but were brushed off because he's a kid. But again, for the deeply cutting stuff, it takes time to get over.

I highly doubt 2PM is going anywhere over this. Jaebum might have to do more than an apology to get back in the general public's good graces, but this is only a set back for 2pm, not a career breaker.


Anonymous said...

I was a bit undecided myself, even until now. I agree, the petitions to send him back to the US is just plain lol. If that happens then what about Korean celebs who do not live in the US or elsewhere who have said bad things against Korea? They should be exiled as well? LMAO. I do understand netizens because watching him on reality TV or wherever would just not feel the same anymore. The past is what makes us who we are. Sure, we can change but the past is part of us no matter what. It's not a simple situation where he's the only one involved. His members, his friends (omg, even his myspace friends from the US are getting stalked!), family and JYPE. Have you seen the latest myspace comment from his friend that was exposed? Sigh.

Krome Radio said...

It's like his comments hurt a lot of people and I'm sure he has lost some fans for it but at the same time I'm also sure he doesn't feel that way anymore at all. So... *sigh*

The song he did w/ V.O.S. is playing right now on our playlist, so good!

kiyofugi said...

im undecided as well but to get a petition to send him back? i mean wouldnt that be breaking up 2PM? 2PM wouldnt be the same....i agree with what floatingstars & Krome Radio it was during when he was basically still a kid & before their debut, but an apology just wont make it right it will take time for the hurt to disappear. they must forgive him everyone make mistakes...this would be his first. im still his fan though but shocked at what he said in his comments.

Krome Radio said...

So after hearing about how 2PM is canceling activities because of this fiasco...I got upset. The comments that Jaebum made on his myspace were when he was young. Everyone makes stupid mistakes when they're younger and says stupid things when they're young. Its not like he feels that way anymore, obviously he doesn't since he's still in Korea. Its ridiculous how fans made a petition that said he should commit suicide. That's taking it way overboard!

-Adio and Sana