Friday, August 14, 2009

Refresh: Krome Radio's 8th Show

Refresh was our theme this week~

Question of the Week
was: who, in kpop, cpop and/or jpop would you prank, or what's been your favorite/worst prank (hidden camera) on a kpop, cpop, jpop celeb?
Rome's Pick: U-Know Yunho's Prank was my favorite prank. His personality sticks out and even a straight guy would fall for him.

Adio's Pick: Taecyeon of 2PM's prank because he is a goofball!

Leave your answer in the comments~

The winners of this week's Babelpop Yesasia Twitter Gift Certificate are:
Winner $20 YA gift cert: @Meriel_Ayla, runner up $10 YA gift cert: @Hi_Its_Hali, Winning Blogger $10 YA : @Music4urSoul of Bump This
Congratulations to all of you!


MrCKDexter said...

I know Yunho's prank of course. He's so protective of his fans ^^

But what's Taecyeon's? Could you add a link?

Krome Radio said...

Here is Taecyeon's prank from Wild Bunny episode 4

But I didn't like what they were doing to him. In general he's just a good sport and he's goofy, that's what I meant.