Friday, August 21, 2009

9th Show-SM TOWN + Behind the Scenes I

Yo yo yo!

So the show was good right? Thanks for listening to us be us ^_^ We had fun and hope you guys did as well. This time around, we had our Ghost DJ, Sana, in the Studio. She definitely added an extra kick to the show and if you missed it... that's too bad cause it wasn't recorded...


The Q.O.W. (Question of the Week) was: Who in Jpop, Cpop or Kpop inspire you? What about them inspire you?

Rome's Pick: Wu Chun. He's seriously amazing. He is super human. After all his FeiLunHai activities (recording, performing, CF's, modeling, acting etc...) he is still able to manage his OTHER responsibilities such as run 2 gyms... That's crazy. Who does that? Someone amazing, that's who.

Adio's Pick: G-Dragon. He is able to re-invent himself time and time again. He is also a MASTER at his craft.


Take a look at @icecapades : for her interviews of some of your favorite kpop bloggers and whatnot!

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