Sunday, August 2, 2009

2PM is Missing Something...

To take my mind off of this great TVXQ! Debacle,
I began to watch "Wild Bunny" starring 2PM!

In Idol Army, we got to catch a glimpse of what the guys were like. I thought Wild Bunny might take me a little bit deeper into their private lives. I was only expecting to watch an episode of it but... it was so funny that it captured my full attention. Their humor and randomness reeled me within the first 10 seconds of the first episode. The guys seemed so relaxed and didn't care what fans would think of them... they were so weird (and I liked it)! Just them being them cracked me and up and made me wanting more of the boys.

Throughout the 2 episodes I watched, it was non stop laughing (for the most part). Their interaction in Wild Bunny was more than what they did in the episodes I saw of Idol Army. ...but I couldn't help noticing that there was always something missing in the relationship and chemistry between the guys. In Wild Bunny they have inside jokes and are able to joke around with each other... which shows that they are now closer than before. But they still seemed to lack the 'brother bond' that most groups today have. When I say "brother bond" I mean the members of the group don't always seem to have each others back during situations where they should. I won't give details away about what made me think this, because it might spoil the show for some. But it's not just this show that has brought out awkward chemistry between the boys, it seems like it's always been there. They've always lacked that group IT factor that most other groups have.

Perhaps it's because they do not have the years under their belt that some other groups have
but it would be unfair to compare 2PM's bond to groups like TVXQ!, Super Junior, or even SS501 who've been around and faced many falls and triumphs together. Or maybe because JYP Entertainment hasn't really had a male group and so they have no one to follow. Perchance it's because they really are the new generation of Kpop... where they don't censor or pretend to be something they aren't.

I really enjoy 2PM's music and love that they are so care free. I can't wait to see what more these boys have to share with us and hope that over time they will become closer. They are a growing group in the industry and at the pace they are going, they can accomplish a lot.

Wild Bunny Preview
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Anonymous said...

i agree with you. I really like the guys but sometimes, I notice little things that make me wonder if the brotherhood is all part of the show.

jannejanne said...

Well yeah, since there are 7 of them, a couple do have personality clashes. For example, Nichkhun obviously likes Wooyoung better than Taecyeon, and Junho seems to be closer to Jaebum. But although they've only been together as a group for a little while, (esp Wooyoung, he was the last to be confirmed) they have good teamwork already. Wild Bunny is a must see!