Friday, July 10, 2009

Third Show Songs: We Welcome WonderGirls!

Third show, check!

The third show, even though we had some hiccups here and there was a success. Thanks to everyone who tuned in, we truly appreciate it and you make us want to put on better music and a better show for you all. We will be working on a chat for all our listeners. We now have an AIM Screen Name... but we let you all know for sure later.

This weeks theme was ''We Welcome WonderGirls" (notice, it was the third show and there was some 'W' alliteration. Nice right?) we opened the show with their "Nobody" Ballad but could not add it to the playlist, it was a great opening actually.

The songs we played are now up, you should be hearing them right now actually, unless your volume has been muted. Here are the Instrumentals we played:

Youtube Play List

Nobody (Ballad Version)
Molla-ing ft. 2AM
Infinity by Girl Next Door
Without a Heart
Timeless (feat Junsu) by Zhang Li Yin
Nobody (English)
I'm not F4 by Vic Chou
Everything by Arashi
I hate you by 2pm
Miracle by KAT-TUN
My Cookie Can by Janice Vidal
Dancing Shoes by AJ
Time Machine by Jay chou
Primadonna by FT Island
I'm Sorry
Stand By U TVXQ!
Xie Xie Ai by Garden Sister
Ghost Dance by LITE
Butterfly by Jolin Tsai
Tell Me
I don't Care-2NE1

Nobody(Rainstorm Remix)
No Break by Lena Park
Faraway by Koda Kumi

I Tried
by Wonder Girls

-Krome Radio

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