Friday, July 10, 2009

Rome's Rant: The Twitter Thing

Some guy wrote on jyp's twitter commenting on jyp's tweet lingo. That's fine. But then he went on to say how jyp "talked like a black man." ....I got curious and decided to check the guy's page out. To my surprise he had the N-word splattered all over his twitter and HE had the nerve to call JYP out like that? Really? REALLY? How is he to bring up something like when he obviously uses a word like that...
Irony aside, it's just foul of him to willy nilly throw that word like does.
Did his people get kidnapped, taken on ships, chained together and thrown overboard sent to their deaths like it was nothing? ... ugh, it's not even just that. I'm so tired of seeing people use this word like it's an ok word to use. Even people who's ancestors were treated that way, but mostly ignorant folks that just throw it around like the word doesn't have an ugly history.

It's upsetting and heart breaking.

If it's hard to understand what I wrote, well... I'm upset and cant focus too well. Lo siento. Our radio show is censored to avoid offending ppl and so we couldnt spend a lot of time on this topic. ...And to be honest if we had, we'd be kicked off for what would've come out of my mouth and I didnt want Adio and Krome to go down over something like this. As gross as it is. I had to step away from the computer as well because I was about to put him on blast but again, I had to think about Adio and Krome. Otherwise...

The more I think about it the more I get upset so this is it


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Anonymous said...

That really bothered me too! I can't believe someone would actually say that. The guy that left the comment is a JERK! I hope he realizes that but if he doesn't I hope someone knocks some sense into him