Saturday, May 17, 2014

What to know before beginning an Otome Game

What to know before beginning an Otome/Visual Novel Game!

1. Get a code 
- You get goodies
- It's a Steal!

2. Read all the bio of the companion choices (very important - i've changed my mind cause of this)
- pick your fav/or not
- who do you want to get a feel for the story with first?
- you will play again (with a different character)
- watch a youtube video and fast forward randomly to see if you're interested in that character's storyline
- do you like his 'tag line?' It gives you insight into his character type

<-- controlling...="">

<--- cad="">
(read: 'player')...

So on, and so forth...

3. Decide your path
- watch a youtube video on a potential path
-research a walkthrough
-what are folks fangirling over
-what will keep you coming back

4. Misc.
- find a good walkthrough (one that will lead you to your desired path)
-get more than one game code as some may not work (use mine!)
-make 'friends' in the game and 'work' at 'friendships'
-have FUN with it! (deviate from desired path (if you can afford to) sometimes!)
-- some games allow the 'back button' function! Explore the options to see what they say for MORE STORY!

I hope you enjoyed my QUICK run down for 'tips for otome games" / "tips for visual novels"
I know I did!  If you have any questions, leave a comment down below - or hit me up on twitter -!


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