Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rome's Rant: Otome Games

Hi Krome Fam...

Let me tell you what your girl Rome has been getting up to. It's about to get all "third person" up in here.   Rome has not two, or three, but FIVE (count 'em - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) OTOME games going at once!

But Rome, what's an "otome" game?  Well, it's basically - in it's most basic form - the overall name given to any kind of... dating simulators. In its most advanced form - "visual novel."  These have a wide range.  Some of them are quick games with very little shelf life, while other span for DAYS  with lots of story building, and character nurturing, along the way.

I feel like I lost you at "dating simulator."  I know, I know.  It's sounds odd, to say the least.  What exactly IS a 'dating sim' you say?  Well, again, there is a wide range, but in all of this - they all have one aspect in common.  Decision Making. 
Visual Novel is a truer term for many of the games out on the market, and many of the ones I will be featuring on the blog.  There's a storyline, which features a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Just, along the way, you are to pick one 'companion' to go through the story with.  The story, no matter what character you chose to tag along with you, will always have a something of a similar ending - story wise.  But, before I confuse you, we will explore more about this with each featured game!

In these games, YOU get to decide where the story goes, so to speak, by choosing one out of two, or four, choices you are given.  These could be choices based on answering questions, choosing the more appropriate words to say etc... Your answers affect the game in that it either furthers a relationship or decreases the relationship bond.  However, with some games I've recently been into, there's a relationship bar which has a different ending at each end, as well as an ending for the middle of the bar.  So, if you have an ending in mind that you want to go for, you might want to search the internet for a walkthrough for the path that leads to your ideal ending.   And yes, I currently have FIVE (count 'em - 1, 2, 3, 45)  walkthroughs loaded on my phone for each of the games.  Ha.

Are you hip to Otome games? Which do you recommend?  Stay tuned as I review/fan out/ about the games I'm currently playing! We can swap codes!


Rome... how did you even know about this cool world of 'gaming?'  you might be wondering. Well, I am a bit of a 'gamer' you see. I adore RPG games, and am a huuge fan of the biggest RPG ever - The Sims (LOL).  So this is a way to have my sims on my phone, but in a pre-determined way?  I also am a lover of romance stories. So it's a win win! I get to 'write' my own mobile romance story! Plus some of the stories and characters are ADORBS! 

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