Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Music March: SNSD (Girl's Generation) - Genie

"Is Krome Radio no longer kpop, cpop, and jpop?  Are they only jpop now?"

No! Never! You know Krome Radio can't commit!  Krome Radio is not necessarily afraid of commitment... Krome just likes to give love to everyone!  After all, there's only one Krome Radio!
So, why all the jpop music this March?  Well, Jpop is amazing - get on that! Don't get left behind.   It's Krome Radio's duty to introduce to you music you may be sleeping on... we got you.

Today's Music March song is a Kpop 'oldie but goodie.'  We figure giving you in familiar territory would be the best way to go.   It's not a Kpop 'oldie but goodie'... unless it's catchy.  Well, this song stole my heart and made me want to do weird things with my legs (how do these girls do it?) when it first came out.  Who am I kidding... it still makes me want to do weird things to my legs!

"Genie" by SNSD (Girl's Generation)

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