Thursday, February 27, 2014

Episode 4: Drama Spoilercast

Ahoy Kromers!

Chipper moods all around despite the freezing cold temperature in Chicago. Can you guess why?? YES! You are correct, it's because the long awaited  DRAMA SPOILERCAST podcast is up! Go! Now! While it's hot. 

Well... before you go check it out - it's called 'SPOILER'cast for a reason.  We give spoilers. And many of them.  We spoil the following dramas:
Heirs (The Inheritors)
Reply (Answer Me) 1997
Reply 1994
To the Beautiful You
Last Cinderella

These were some great watches and if you have yet to watch them - find yourself a comfy position, do yourself a favor and watch them, THEN join us over in the spoilercast.  You won't regret it. 
click the link to view our current uploaded podcasts!
Instructions to listen to podcast if you do not have the iTunes Podcast app:
1. Once on the website, press "view in iTunes"
2.  Once in iTunes, press "Subscribe"
3. Press the "Free" button
4. Go to your iTunes Library. Under the "Podcast" section you will find your newly downloaded Krome Radio Podcast.

Looking forward to your comments!

Rome and Adio

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