Friday, February 14, 2014

Episode 3: Valentine/Single Awareness Day Special

Herro there my lovely Kromers^^

This week on the podcast, Rome and Adio discuss all things couple-y and love related. If you have plans with a special someone, take a listen to KromePodcast on the drive to your destination. Planning a Galentines Day (credit to Parks and Rec for that saying), cozy up with your friends, some hot cocoa/chocolates, and join in Rome and Adio's discussion. Thoughts, questions, concerns? Comment on the blog!  (We didn't realize the settings were turned off for that before...oops!)

The Drama Spoilercast Podcast will be aired Thursday, Feb 27th. Make sure to catch up on these dramas before you hear the podcast:
Heirs (The Inheritors)
Answer Me/Reply 1997
Reply 1994
To the Beautiful you
Last Cinderella

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Instructions to listen to podcast if you do not have the iTunes Podcast app:
1. Once on the website, press "view in iTunes"
2.  Once in iTunes, press "Subscribe"
3. Press the "Free" button
4. Go to your iTunes Library. Under the "Podcast" section you will find your newly downloaded Krome Radio Podcast.

Happy Valentines Day! 

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