Thursday, January 9, 2014

Krome Radio Launch: Secret Marriages!

Hey Kromers,

Earlier this week our Podcast was approved by iTunes and it officially launched! Then Rome and I freaked out because we thought only 31 seconds had actually aired. After much Google searching and scouring forums, we got an answer!

To listen to our FULL podcast, you need to subscribe to Krome Radio on iTunes Podcasts. To get the first episode, here is the iTunes link:

Listen to Krome Radio's podcast here:

Once you download the episode to your iTunes folder, you can take Krome with you and listen on the go! Finally, right?  Also... did we mention it was a free download?

If you need more help finding/listening to the podcast- feel free to contact us for more help/instructions. Please leave a comment below.

Thanks for listening!

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