Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sickness and In Health

Last Week, Krome was hosted by the Sandman and her pal, Tam Tam! It was GREAT fun! New voices and stories on Krome, was a crazy time!

THIS WEEK! Rome AND Adio were back in studio!  Adio, sadly was sick (hence the theme of the show).  This week's playlist, truly, was not one to miss.  It was an off regular Krome type playlist, it was awesome but not the usual flavor. It was, in a word, AMAZING. We HIGHLY recommend checking the songs out, and finding out for yourself, just what you missed out on or, relive the experience!

Question of the week: You have your favorite Idol for the day, but they're sick! What do you do? Who is it?


Beat in Love by Clazziquai Project
Can you Feel my World by Wang Lee Hom
YES NO by sakanaction
Oh,Honey! by Jaurim
Help me Out by Crystal Kay
You said you Love by 8eight
It started with a Kiss by Ariel Lin
No. 1 by Secret
Tonight by Big Bang
Friday Night by Yamashita Tomohisa
Dear by Wilber Pan
My Best Friend by SNSD
Learn to Feel by Bibi Chou
360 by Ai Otsuka
Supa Solo by G.NA
Super Fine by Drunken Tiger

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