Monday, December 14, 2009

An Introduction to the Members of F.Cuz

With veteran groups like SHINee and 2PM currently promoting and dominating the music charts, the new boy group F.Cuz seems to already be eking out a strong following.

The group was announced with nothing more than a picture of the son of a famous trot singer. The first member to be revealed, LeeU, got a lot of attention for his good looks, but many were left wondering about his vocal ability.

Then, continuing their mysterious method of promotions, another member, YeJun, was revealed the next day. It was revealed that YeJun is the maknae of the group (he is the youngest member in the group) and is also the lead vocalist.

By now, F.Cuz had garnered interest due to the unique concept and style they seemed to present. Not losing momentum, their entertainment company, a relatively unheard-of company pre-F.Cuz, CAN&J Entertainment, kept things interesting by revealing another member the next day. Kan showcased his dancing ability and further garnered interest for the group.

By now, many people took notice of this yet-to-debut rookie group, not only for their good-looks, but for their undeniable talent. On the fourth day, the leader of the group, Jinon, was revealed. He showcased his rapping ability for the fans. And thus, the members of F.Cuz were all revealed.

For those of you that have seen the teasers, what do you think of them so far? After seeing all of the teasers, I really feel that they have the talent and charisma to do really well. From LeeU's soothing vocals to Jinon's powerful rapping; from YeJun's clear and melodic voice to Kan's charismatic dance (and smile!); from the incredbily unique-yet-cool concept to the intererting marketing tactics, I really think that F.Cuz will be able to make a ripple in an industry where everything is beginning to become formulaic.

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