Tuesday, December 29, 2009

F.Cuz Releases Trailer for their MV!

With the time ticking away until F.Cuz's release, a trailer has been released for their upcoming single, entitled "Ziggy" (or "Jiggy").

It's a short trailer, and there's no voice in the track, but it gives listeners a feel for what kind of tempo to expect for the song. After hearing it, I really like the upbeat and happy feeling it has, while still managing to retain a level of sophistication and simplicity in the dress and backdrop. Also, the members look much different from their teaser photos and such (I was almost unable to recognize YeJun). Hopefully the full MV will change the mind of anyone still a little unsure on this new group!

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Adio said...

AHHH!!! this is so great! I like their concept