Friday, November 20, 2009

22nd Show: Homestyle

Yo Yo YO!!! Krome Radio had yet another UNPLUGGED show on Ustream this week for our 22nd show. If you missed this one...I believe that it was our best show yet! Not only was there slammin music but Sana and I (Adio) hosted a Krome Radio Kribs for the after show and we did a live video feed. Join us again on December 3 for our 24th show...there will be no show next week(November 26 2009) due to Thanksgiving. We hope everyone has a great and safe Thanksgiving. Don't go into a food comatose. Here's the playlist we had for this week (the ones highlighted in Red are the ones we couldn't find for the mixpod):

HaHaHA(Acapella) byTVXQ!
Say a Lil Something by Jam Hsiao
Suddenly by Gackt
Chu by f(x)
Let me Hear your Voice by Big Bang
Gary Noise by Linus Blanket
Heart Wall by Claire Kuo
Cupido by Ivy
Tired of Waiting by 2PM
Retreat by Janice Vidal
The Next Door by Exile
Go On by Jerry Yan
Flea by Clazziquai Project
Opus (Ballad Version) by Rurutia
Thunder by FT Island
Blue Tomorrow by Super Junior M
Fetish by The Far East Movement
Slow Down by Yoga Lin
Virgin by AOI
Hip Hop and South by Drunken Tiger
Unique by Danson Tang
Slow [e] Motion by Epik High
Hello I just want to by Andy Lau
Forever by E.Bul
Sign by Brown Eyed Girls
Asuwa Kura Kara by TVXQ!
Rain by Angela Aki

Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls
Insomnia by Wheesung


Animedancer87 said...

Looks like a really awesome mix as usual. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Krome Radio said...

Thank you!! and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!