Saturday, November 14, 2009

21 Show: Replay/Unplugged

Since the servers were down this week, we decided to bring our show onto UStream and have an UNPLUGGED version of Krome Radio. Unfortunately, internet connection died towards the end of the show so we finished up the rest of the songs when we finally got connection again. If you missed this weeks show, you missed an awesome time but here are the songs we played (red ones aren't on the playlist):

Deja Vu by SS501

Planetaruim by Ai Otsuka
Bit by Bit by Jeremey Ji
Ring Ding Dong by SHINee
Cold Life by Janice Vidal
Obsessed by BoA
Love Rock'n Roll by Jaurim
Smile Maker by NEWS
Baby Baby by JJ Lin
Time to Love by T-ara and Supernova
You W-inds
Super Girl by Super Junior M
300 Pianos by Andy Suzuki
Forever by Jun Jin feat Linda
After by Zhang Li Yin
Season by Arashi
Shelter by JaeJoong and Yoochun
Where You At by Taeyang
Tegami by Angela Aki
Breathe by G-Dragon
Every Time by Xiao Yu
Funny Bunny by The Pillows
Raining by FT Island
Twilight's Chapter Seven by Jay Chou
Bye Bye by Taegoon

Rokkugo! by Super Junior T
Hyousa (Music box Ver) by Rurutia

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